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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the package forwarding work?
First you will need to choose a membership level that best fits your needs, and then ‘join’ ShipsUS.com. You may receive an email asking for additional information in order to confirm your account. Once your account has been received and confirmed by us, you will get an email including your NEW USA ADDRESS. You may then shop at any US online retailer using your new USA address. When your item reaches us, we will send you an email letting you know we have received it and request any customs information we may need from you. We will then ship the package directly to you!
What telephone number should I use to place my orders?
When checking out with most online retailers they will request a phone number. Most will accept your international number, however there are a few that will only take USA phone numbers. You can aquire a very low-cost phone number via : www.magicjack.com or www.skype.com Or upon your request and at an additional fee we can offer you a number to use.
How Long will it take to get my Package once you have shipped it?
This depends upon the courier you have chosen (FedEx, USPS, DHL etc) and the type of service you requested (priority, express etc). Your countries customs department also plays a role in how quickly you can receive your package. This unfortunately is outside of ShipsUS.com’s control, if you are concerned about the time frame please send us an email and we can better help you on a case by case basis.

What we do have control over, here at ShipsUS.com, is how long it takes to ship out once we receive it. We strive to have the quickest ‘turn around’ time as possible, usually within 2-3 business days, unless of course you have requested us to hold packages for consolidation or storage.
When and how often do you ship my packages and/or mail?
ShipsUS.com gives our priority and first-class members the option to choose their shipment schedules. When you decide to join you will select your option then. You will have several options to choose from. Our flat-rate members will have their packages sent automatically once we receive them, unless otherwise requested and for an additional fee.
Do you offer package consolidation or Separate package services?
Yes. For package consolidation rates please click here
While our ‘separate package’ service is not standard with any of our memberships, we do offer this at an additional fee of $15 for up to 3 items, and an additional $2 per item after three. This service is designed to help you if you make one large order from an online store and you would like it to be broken up into smaller packages before being forwarded on to you.
Do your fees and shipping rates include taxes, tariffs, or customs fees?
Our fees and shipping rates given on our website, cover only the cost of the postage and our service fee(s). Your country may impose additional fees for merchandise coming in to your country. The fees vary depending on country and item. These fees are NOT covered by ShipsUS.com if you would like more detailed information please contact your countries customs office.
How can I purchase from ebay if they do not accept my credit cards?
We can help you by using our online concierge program. Please click here to see more information about our online Concierge Progam.
Do you guys charge any bank fees?
We do not charge bank fees on the fees for our services. We do however charge a bank fee for credit card payment of up to 4.5% of the actual shipping cost of your package. This is what allows us to give you such straight forward and transparent pricing. It also allows us to accept your international credit cards. If you choose to pay by bank wire, there is a fee of $15. You can avoid all bank fees by prefunding your account using a money order or western union. You will need to inform us once you have sent either form of payment.
Refund Policy :
  1. For Service: ShipsUS, LLC will give you a 30 day money back guarantee on your monthly membership fee if you are not satisfied with the service within the first 30 days.  If you are not satisfied at any point within the first 30 days, simply send us an email to info@shipsus.com and we will gladly refund you your monthly membership fee for that first month.
  2. You will also have the option of purchasing insurance for each packages we ship to you, which will cover the value of your items in the package. In the event your package is lost or stolen then you would be refunded for the value of the items you shipped. NOT shipping fees or ShipsUS fees. ** Should you decline this option, you are aware that you will NOT be refunded any portion of your package value or shipping fees if your package is lost or stolen.
For more information or clarification please email us at info@shipsus.com
ShipsUS.com has been a great service for my small business. It allows me the ability to find items at a much better cost, improving my profitablity. I also find their personal shopper service very helpful with merchants who will not take my credit card.- Yossi