Flat Member Priority
One-Time Setup Fee
$8 $10 $20
Monthly Membership Fee
FREE $10 $20
Forwarding Fee*
$9* $7* $5*
Online Concierge Program
(per online order)
$20 $15 $10
In-Store Concierge Program
$35 + 4% Commission** $30 + 2% Commission** $15 + 2% Commission**
Package Consolidation
$15 $10 $5
Storage Fee
(begins day after free day is over and is per day- per package)
$3/day, 7 Days Free $2/day, 14 Days Free FREE
Post Mail (Magazines, Letters, etc.)
Multiple Users
(the ability to receive packages at your US address under multiple names)
Up to 2 Names
*Shipping fee does NOT include actual shipping cost or any customs fee your country may charge.
If paying shipping fees via credit card, ShipsUS will charge up to 4.5% to cover the credit card fee.
**Commission is based on pre-tax purchase total.
Please email us at with any questions.
Flat Rate Membership:
This membership is designed for our customers who shop in the USA irregularly. If you do not anticipate making multiple purchases throughout the year this is the basic level and will most likely fit your needs.
Priority Membership:
This membership is designed for our customers who plan on making multiple personal purchases over a year period, and would like to have consolidation and storage options at a much better price.
First-Class Membership:
This membership is designed for our customers who are big personal shoppers or small business who plan on making several purchases and having frequent shipments. This membership enjoys much lower costs across the board and is able to receive letters, magazines and catalogs. It also includes 21 FREE days of storage.
I have been using for over 3 years. I have been continually satisfied with their customer service, straightforward pricing and ability to control my account. I would highly recommend them to you!
- Serene Wong, Singapore