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Additional Services We Offer
Package Consolidation
Package Consolidation
1. This is very helpful if you plan on making multiple small purchases over a short period of time and you would like us to remove access packaging and repackage them into one package larger package. In most cases this saves you time and money. This option is included in all of our memberships at an additional fee. Please see Memberships Page for more information.
Package Seperation
Package Seperation
2. This option could be useful if you make one large purchase but you want it to be separated into smaller packages or sent to different address (this is only available to First-Class Members). This option is not included in our membership programs. If you would like to know more information about this option please send us an email.
3. We do offer specialized memberships if you feel one of our packages does not work for you, please feel free to email us at info@shipsus.com to set up a personalized option for you or your business.
I am in the American Airforce, and stationed in Germany for the next few years. ShipsUs has allowed me to still make purchases in the US, because a lot of retailers will not ship to APO or FPO address! I am very happy with their service!
- James Akin, Germany
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